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Eric and Julie are real life married couple, a Builder and Realtor, aka a dynamic duo for helping you determine if a fixer upper is for you, if your house should be loved or listed or to help you find a tear down or lot for a new build.  It’s kind of like HGTV, except with a lot less drama and a lot more information. Find out more about Property Lovers here. Contact us for bang up advice in the real estate and remodeling world.

Real Estate Expertise

Julie Lunn is a licensed realtor with Edina Realty and a passion for finding the ultimate best home for each client. The challenge for the needle in the haystack or the most creative way to solve the housing problem is her motivator. She’s also a skilled and calm negotiator and a decent person to tour houses with.

Buying a Fixer Upper

Julie and Eric love finding the hidden gems in great neighborhoods and helping you see their true potential. Let’s find your dream fixer upper.

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